you don't ever have to take your collar off again

About our rings


Handcrafted in the UK

We are proud to boast that these rings were designed in the UK (by a sub desperate to wear their collar 24 hours of the day), and that the rings are cast and hand finished in the UK in 925 sterling silver


Silver: Qualities and ethical sourcing


925 Sterling silver is one of the softest of the precious metals which is why we have chosen to use it in our rings and charms. The softness of the metal will allow the ring to tell your story as it scars up with your experiences. Every submissives's journey is different and their silver collar wlll reflect that


While we condone voluntary sexual slavery we abhor the fact that real slavery still exists in parts of the world, including in mining. Therefore we use only recycled ethically sourced silver in our rings. This also means that your ring may already have experienced some history


Delivery time

Handcrafted to order, we do our best to deliver to you within 28 days. On occasion it may take a little longer as our traditional "lost wax" casting method is not an exact science, meaning we have to reject some castings and remake them. When we are satisfied that the ring is up to the quality we desire it will then be finished and sent to you.