don't ever have to take your collar off again


The Original
slave collar-rings

For the slave who wants to wear their collar 24/7

Collar rings

The collar you can wear 24/7


Our beautiful handcrafted sterling silver slave collar rings allow you to wear your collar on your finger (or thumb), and never reveal to the vanilla world that you are a collared slave. Others never need to know the significance of the ring, or that on the inside it bears the inscription "owned". Only you need to know that it is your collar, and that you are a slave 24/7

The Shackle ring


A weighty sterling silver slave ring in the style of an ancient slave neck shackle, complete with padlock, hinges and chain link details

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The Collar ring


A weighty sterling silver studded ring in the style of the popular stitched leather dog collars slaves are often collared in

For more images of the collar slave ring see Gallery

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